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Do you think about linking? The BBC News linking policy...

Interesting conversation unfolding over on the BBC blog about the role of "linking" in BBC news stories. 

How often do you click on the external links we add to stories on the BBC News site?

How useful are they, and how could they be better?

One thing seems clear already - summed up by Henry, a contributor to one of the discussions I mentioned earlier: Our role as an archive and resource is becoming as important to many of you as the more traditional role of reporting the latest news headlines. You can help us work out what that means for our day-to-day work as journalists.

In the post, Steve Herrmann (editor of the BBC News website) continues his tradition of setting new standards for being open, innovative, and pushing his staff to embrace the fundamentally two-way nature of the Web (or else!).

Many of the publishers that I work with struggle with the question of how "aggregated news" and "news curation" fit into their content mix. However, Mr. Herrmann presents an alternate vision of a news ecosystem that editors, writers, and publishers must engage with to stay relevant. One can only hope that more organizations have these frank conversations with their readers about their changing relationships. 

So... What question is your organization asking about "linking?" How are the publishers that you're working with exploring their role in the larger ecosystem of news and information? Time to start asking these questions. 
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