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Is Open better than Idealistic? Mozilla, Video, and Mobile Computing

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The ever-insightful John Gruber asks why the folks at Mozilla aren't prioritizing mobile computing, and -- as a result -- why they aren't prioritizing support for H.264 HTML5 video

Mozilla, as an organization, doesn't seem to value mobile computing as a top priority. Yes, they have mobile initiatives. But the only platform they have a mobile browser for is Nokia Maemo. All of you using a Nokia Maemo, please raise your hands. Crickets. Compare and contrast with WebKit, which I suspect will soon have more mobile than desktop users.

He points out that "open and better" is better than idealism and obscurity (the direction he predicts for those that choose not to support the H.264 format, all its licensing problems aside). 

WIll be interesting to see what the Drumbeat folks make of this, given their efforts to promote "open video" and other initiatives that make the Web a better place to hang out.

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