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Progressive Unconferences revisited: GreenCamp

Wow -- I was super-stoked to open-up my newsreader this morning to find GreenCamp listed on Upcoming. Last spring David Crow and I bantered about the opportunity for social-mission organizations to use the "unconference" format as a way to facilitate new conversations around progressive ideas. It's incredible to actually see this happening -- And right here in Toronto too! Think I'll be making it out to that event for sure.

GreenCamp isn't the only progressive unconference around. There's a whole new movement afoot, including Chris Messina's WineCamp, New Organizing Institute's RootsCamp, and the Media Consortium's recent ConsortTechCamp. Though not an official "Camp"-style unconference, I like to think of Web of Change as a progressive unconference, and I hope that Misha's summary of lessons from the recent CopyCamp added to the mix of ideas on how to use the unconference model for change.

Know of other progressive unconferences? Pop 'em in the comments! :-)


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