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Global Warming: A Call to Action

Spent the whole holiday feeling guilty about the number of flights we took, and the impact that I'm personally having on the environment (reading too many George Monbiot articles clearly! In fact, as much as I'm struggling to find time to read more, his book is high on my list). Arrive back in Toronto to warm weather, meanwhile they're having snow storms out in Vancouver and Seattle. What climate change? It's easy to get down about this stuff ("eco doom" they call it) and it's easy to think that we as a species won't figure it out in time.

Saving me from a dire week of doom and gloom was an inspiring e-mail from my childhood friend's wife (who's also a close friend) Jill. Frank and Jill are salt-of-the-earth people -- in their thirties -- and if they can get inspired about having an impact, if the message is that clear in the world, then maybe it's not all so bad after all. Thank you Jill! Her e-mail and a great list of resources that she put together follows:

Hi All,

I usually don't send group emails out, but I'm hoping for this you won't mind. I know this is a bit long but I am asking you to please take some time this week to read through this.

A lot of us have been discussing Global Warming lately - and I honestly think it's the most important issue facing our generation. I don't pretend to know everything about the issue, and I know that my lifestyle is not completely "green". But I decided this week to do some more research and thought you may also find this information worth reading (some of you mentioned that you wanted to learn more). I guess sending this out to all of you is my first step in taking action. Hopefully you'll learn more about the issues and feel compelled to some sort of action of your own. Whether you believe that each individual is responsible, or that our government and big business is - I think it's vital to educate ourselves and be vocal. According to the polls, we are getting set for the first election in Canadian history where the environment will be the determining issue. For those of you who haven't seen "An Inconvenient Truth" please go rent it tonight - and I guarantee it will have an impact on you. Also please read the section below about the the Canadian Government, and What you can Personally Do. I never send chain emails out, but this is one email I would be happy if you forwarded on to more people. If you come across additional/better information you want to share - let me know. I'm really hoping you take a few minutes and to read the information I compiled below.

Thanks :) ~ Jill

What YOU can Personally do:

Educate Yourself and Learn the Facts:


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