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QOTW: Should I use XYZ company for Web hosting?

This will be the first in what is hopefully an ongoing series of "Question of the week" posts. I get a lot of questions from clients, friends, and peers that seem to require a similar answer every time. So, in an effort to beat you to the punch (and to save myself from repetitive strain injury), I'm just going to try and post a summary of my most common answers here.

This week: Should I use XYZ company for hosting?

I get this one so often that it actually hurts (well, not really, but I feel like a painfully broken record). It usually goes something like "I just received our bill for the our Web site, and it reminded me that someone suggested such-and-such hosting. They seem like a cheaper alternative..."

Of course, in passing conversation, there's nothing wrong with a question like that. But, when that hosting is for a values-aligned organization -- an environmental group, a social-service organization, a social-mission business or social enterprise, an NGO, etc. -- I feel that the decision should carry more weight. For example, what if I asked my environmental colleagues a question about buying tissue products? Should I switch from 100% post-consumer recycled to the forest-destroying alternative just because it's cheaper? Gosh: I hope not! So why is it different when we're talking about Web hosting?

So, here's the run-down: if you're an ethically-guided person, make the ethical choice -- shop local, buy organic, have as little impact on the environment as possible -- by taking the time to look for a Web hosting company that matches your values. Here's a few to get you started (and remember, the more we ask for alternatives, the more we'll see):

Local and/or independent

Green, environmentally focused, or ethically guided

(UPDATE: there's a growing list of other options in the comments below. If you know of other eithical, green, local, or social-mission hosts, please pop them in the comments below!)


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