Phillip Smith

Global Warming a Myth?

Just watching a handful of the segments listed on PR Watch's Fake TV News site is enough to make my head swirl:

Fake News Flash: Global Warming Is a Myth!

At least that's what residents of hurricane-ravaged Mississippi were told > when a local newscaster aired a fake news segment earlier this year. One > problem: the anchor at WTOK didn't tell viewers that the segment was bought and paid for by ExxonMobil.

The problem doesn't end in Mississippi. Free Press and the Center for Media and Democracy today released a second groundbreaking report that exposes more corporations placing propaganda as news on television stations across the country .

This deception is illegal under federal rules and must be stopped.

Tell the FCC to Crack Down on Fake News

In one of the world's most consolidated media markets, I can only imagine what's happening up here...

Is there anyone watching out for this in Canada?


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