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Steven Clift inducted as Ashoka Fellow

It's totally inspiring to see someone like Steven Clift -- a person dedicated and passionate about the possibility of more accessible global democracies -- be recognized by an organization like Ashoka. He writes:

The Ashoka fellowship will allow me to dedicate myself full-time to E-Democracy.Org for at least the next three years - no more subsidizing my passion with my often exhausting consulting work while trying to juggle the wonderful obligations of a new father and husband.

Stephen has been a driving force by many of the most interesting an ambitious initiatives at documenting global movements toward "e-democracy," including compiling one of the most complete records (that I've found) of Canadian federal election resources. (And, for added points, it's a Wiki: so, if there's something not listed there -- go add it now!)

Finally, if you haven't heard the story of Ashoka -- you should take the time to find David Bornstein's book about their activities and how they're aiming to change the world by supporting social entrepreneurs. Several of their fellows live and work right here in Canada and are working on projects that you should know about.


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