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Wolfram|Alpha Widgets are here, and they're pretty darn neat.


I think I may be somewhat alone in my admiration of Wolfram|Alpha. The "knowledge engine" is often the first place I turn to when doing research, and -- with the release of WWW::WolframAlpha -- I've enjoy poking around at the Wolfram|Alpha API and pondering how this could be useful to the organizations that I work with.

Anyway, I may be a few days late on this, but I found an e-mail in my Inbox from Friday announce "Wolfram|Alpha Widgets" and -- after playing around for a few minutes today -- I must say that they're pretty darn neat. 

Though I'm anxious to try building a few myself, there are some great widgets already in their wdiget gallery -- for example, have a look at the Energy Analysis widget to chart your country's energy production vs. consumption. 

Well, yep, that's it. Over & out.  :-)
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