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What should a Hacks/Hackers glossary aimed at programmers contain?

Just posted this question on the Hacks/Hackers help site

The current Hacks/Hackers glossary is a fantastic resource, but it's a resource focused on providing non-programmers with a reference for (mostly) technical terminology.

So the question is: Should there be a glossary that tries to introduce terms from the journalism world to the hackers? If so, what terms should it contain?

For example, I'm not thinking so much of historical "lingo" -- e.g.: slug, cutline, deck, etc. (though, that should probably be included also) -- but more about newer terminology that is developing around new forms of journalism practice, both in print and online.

Perhaps a glossary like this exists already? Either way, if it's an idea with legs, it would be great to put such a resource into an editable form, as the current Hacks/Hackers glossary has done.

Your wisdom is requested: please post your thoughts here
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