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Watching the Media Watchdogs: The Nation's Media Fix launches in April.

There's an exciting new project over at The Nation that's going to kick-off next month, Greg Mitchell writes this about it:

Our media watchdogs require close watching. It's been an article of faith for Nation editors and readers since the founding of the magazine. In recent decades, Nation writers--from Alex Cockburn to Eric Alterman, among others--have provided smart, often witty, media coverage. I'm excited for the chance to join this tradition, and take it to new terrain as writer and editor of The Nation's first blog devoted to highlighting the best and worst of current media (print, digital and broadcast) several times a day.

The "Media Fix" blog will be launched in April. Until then, you can follow the blog's new Twitter feed, @MediaFixBlog. It offers a snapshot of where we're heading. I hope you take a look today.

Check it out, dammit. ;-)


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