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Support Canvassing and GOTV (Get Out The Vote) functionality in CiviCRM

This in late last week (while I was on the mend from some serious food poisoning... thanks Peru!) from Donald Lobo and the CiviCRM team:

Hey folks:

We are trying to raise some sponsorship $$$ to build canvassing and get out of the vote support in CiviCRM. Seems like we've got a good combination of folks who are interested in working with us to develop it. We've got an excellent start from some seed funders, and need a few more funders to meet our goals. If the above is of interest to you or your clients, please consider helping out. You can make your donation here :)

The complete specification is on the the wiki: CiviCRM for Canvassing and GOTV

This requirement has been probably been the #1 reason that many of the electoral campaigns that I've supported in the past couldn't get good mileage out of CiviCRM. There was no easy way to do the usual canvassing and get out of the vote activities right inside of CiviCRM. Sure, it was hackable with custom fields and custom reports, but it never worked as well as it could have. If you've had similar experiences, this is your chance to fix that.

Why not sponsor some of the development, or commit some developer hours to help out?


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