Phillip Smith

Grist goes deep with Salesforce

Looks like one of my fav online publications, Grist, is deeping their investment CRM commitments with an RFP for a Salesforce expert:

Hello all.

Grist uses Salesforce, but needs a hand at optimizing our instance. Instead of attacking this in a piecemeal fashion, we've decided to bundle this into a little RFP, and put it in front of our favorite people: you. Having been on either end of many arrangements of this kind, I understand how hard it can be to pin-down hours, so getting ballparks and an hourly rate will help us make our decision.

We look forward to hearing from you.


As long as I've known the folks at Grist, they've had ambitious aims for data on their readers, supporter, and online community. Dean and I had a chance to talk a a bit about their push to integrate Salesforce back in September, so I'll be excited to hear where this latest push takes them. Go Grist!


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