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10+ books to free your mind

I asked my friends for recommendations, and this is what they said.

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This year, I’m taking a one-time experiment in personal reflection and turning it into an annual tradition. Here’s the general idea: in the weeks leading up to my birthday, I give up some distractions and work to deepen my daily contemplations. If all goes well, enlightenment will be mine!

In all seriousness, it was an eye-opening experience the first time, and I’m confident I’ll learn something new this year too.

Given that I tend to end up with a bit more time on my hands during this period, I like to double-down on my reading list. So I asked friends for recommendations on books “to free your mind.” Here’s what they came up with:

Well, that should get me off to a good start.

If there was a Kindle option available, I downloaded the sample and I’ve started working my way through them. I’ll report back after April 25th.

If you’ve got a recommendation to add, drop me a note on Twitter or here in the comments.

See you on the other side.


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