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Beyond the click: getting to actual engagement. Send me your questions!

Quick note that I’ll be trying to keep things civil (though, spicy) for this afternoon’s conversation with Chartbeat, Contently, Disqus, WNYC, and Big Fuel. If you have questions for Joe (Chartbeat), Sam (Contently), Ro (Disqus), or Stuart (BIg Fuel), please fire them my way on Twitter. I’ll take questions for WYNC too, but Caitlin is not able to join us today, so I’m waiting to see who arrives to represent WNYC.

The discussion will take place at Chartbeat’s new office near Union Square in New York.

It’s not all talk either. There will also be demonstrations showing off some new projects that Chartbeat and Disqus have been working on, and there will be time for you to get social with other attendees over delicious treats from Brooklyn’s Pies & Thighs and never-out-of-style kegs and cocktails. What could be better?

Questions should be in the form of a question, i.e., something you want to know, and focused on the topic of engagement. What does engagement mean for different types of business? Is it measurable in a meaninful way? Is engagement the Holy Grail that will transform publishing and advertising forever? This is what we’ll try to get the bottom of this afternoon.

Hope you’ll join us.


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