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Note to self: It pays to ask


I’ve been stuck on Firefox 9.0.1 for the last several months because I’ve come to rely on the Awesome Screenshot add-on by Diigo. I use it daily. It’s one of the few screen shot add-ons that lets me capture the full page, not just the visible part of the page.

There was another add-on that I used previously (Screengrab, I think), but I recall having the same issue with it, i.e.: where I couldn’t update Firefox because the add-on wasn’t compatible with the newer releases. So I was a bit surprised to experience this same issue with the Awesome Screenshot add-on, as it’s developed by Diigo and they seem like a pretty active bunch.

Anyway, the other day, tired of waiting, I e-mailed the support contact for the add-on and I was surprised to receive a response the same day:

Joel Liu wrote: Hi Philip, The new version is in the review queue of mozilla. There are 7 addons before awesome screenshot now.

Stay tuned.

BTW, actually, you can still install the current version in the FF 12 although Firefox says it is not compatible.

I have to say, I’m always impressed when people are actually listening at these support addresses, even more so when they get back to users promptly. More than that, I learned something new: that I can upgrade Firefox and install “incompatible” add-ons. Who knew?

I recall reading or hearing about a change in strategy for add-ons that was going to match-up with the new Firefox release cycle – basically where all add-ons would be compatible by default – but,given these messages I was receiving about incompatibilities, I thought that never came to pass.

Anyway, here I am on Firefox 12, and all my add-ons appears to working nicely.

Note to self: it pays to ask (nicely).


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