Phillip Smith

Thank you for Kickstarting Beautiful Trouble: more than $16,000 raised for creative activism.

Thank you, each and every one of you, who helped to promote and fund the Beautiful Trouble Kickstarter campaign.

I was on the road last week, so I didn’t have a chance to post an update on the campaign. Not only did we hit the target, we flew right past it in the final hours.

I see lots of familiar names in the list of project backers. Thank you, again.

In addition to the 246 individuals who contributed to Beautiful Trouble, we also received a very generous commitment from the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada. Add to that the previous support of another Canadian labour organization, several generous contributions from a “friends and family” round of outreach, and the support of a US foundation and our amazing publisher, and we’re really off to the races.

The third Beautiful Trouble book sprint kicks off later this month, and the book design is well underway. In the coming weeks, we’ll be re-launching the Web site and making the book available for pre-order in a variety of formats.

I keep pushing the team to not constrain the vision for the project to just “a book,” and I’m excited to get back to thinking about how the Web can play a role in making the content widely accessible, and also allowing it to live and grow over time.

As the Occupy movement spreads across the globe – including right here in Toronto – I can think of a better time for a resource that shares the “design patterns” of creative activism.

I look forward to making some beautiful trouble with all of you.


Hi, I'm Phillip Smith, a veteran digital publishing consultant, online advocacy specialist, and strategic convener. If you enjoyed reading this, find me on Twitter and I'll keep you updated.