Phillip Smith

Dear @ActiveState I hope that your new product, Stackato, is not as broken as your beta process. #fail

Dear Diane Mueller,

I’m getting pretty frustrated by the approach that Active State is taking on this Stackato beta process.

I applied for a beta when you announced the product.

You sent me an e-mail that said “If you are able to test using a VM (which is how we’re currently offering Beta), please reply to this email to let me know, and I will send you details on how to access the Stackato Beta.” on July 14th.

I replied saying “Yes, I’d like to test.”

No response.

Now I read about this contest.

But, when I go the contest page, I’m asked to sign-up for a beta code.

But I’ve already done this.

Today you send me an e-mail about the contest; it signs off with “Download Stackato VM and get started now!”

When I click that link, I’m taking to the same page that asks me to sign-up for beta access.

You see the problem here, right?

This system is broken. I sincerely hope that your new product is not as broken as your beta process.

Best regards,



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