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Link love from BarCamp News Innovation Philly #BCNIPhilly

An actual session at an unconference! #bcniphilly on Twitpic

Before I hit the road back to Toronto today, I wanted to share a little link love from BarCamp News Innovation Philly.

The event drew more than 100 people from around Philadelphia, and as far away as Washington, DC, New York, and Sacramento, California. There were roughly 25 sessions with a keynote by Zach Seward, Outreach Editor for the Wall Street Journal. There’s a good summary of the event on

Here are some resources from the event:

Many thanks to Sean Blanda and the other folks at Technically Philly and Temple University for organizing a great event. Other cities that want to explore ‘news innovation’ should look at this event as a template for what to do.

As soon as I’m back at my desk, I’ll post a little video summary of the event. Stay tuned.


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