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Salmon Protocol talk at Hacks/Hackers Toronto

With all the hub-bub today about Cisco killing the Flip video camera, I was reminded how poorly my Flip performed at the last Hacks/Hackers Toronto event in March.

The venue was dark, and I had neglected to check anything other than the battery level before Kim Fox and Jennifer MacMillan hit the stage. Around eight minutes into their talk, I heard the Do-Do-Ploop! of the camera notifying me it was full. Shit!

Take two: I set up the shot perfectly, hit record, and enjoyed the glory of the Salmon Protocol talk by James Walkah and Paul Osman. Got the talk, and the Q&A. Lovely.

Next up is Mike Miner from The Agenda. Smashing talk. Half way through – Do-Do-Ploop! – I’m out of space again. Insert expletives here.

(This is where I apologize to the Hacks/Hackers Toronto community. Sorry!)

Now, I’m no videographer or camera-person or anything. I’m just a geek that likes to tote a video camera to events so I can share them with the world. But my Flip Mino HD just wasn’t cutting the mustard, my own failings aside.

So, what did I do today? I picked-up another Flip. This time the Flip Utra HD, two-times the storage and two-times the battery life. Now I really have no excuses, and I possibly own a little piece of Cisco history. Horray for me (and hooray for you too, if you like watching these event recap videos).

Without further adieu, and for you viewing pleasure, the Salmon Protocol talk & demo from the Hacks/Hackers Toronto event on March 29, 2011.


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