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Do you have any video & audio podcasting platform recommendations?

A friend wrote to me this week asking for a recommendation on "podcast platform software, he continues "I'm referring to software that will enable us to upload video and audio (a la Youtube) for others to view."

Given that he already has a Web site, my sense is that he is looking for something quite separate and preferably hosted -- not a new Drupal/Workpress/Etc. site that needs to be built from scratch, I would guess -- that would make it possible to loosely integrate a podcast section to the existing site.

I had a couple of suggestions from experience: for basic audio podcasts, I've used BlogTalkRadio and Hipcast. I used Hipcast for a political campaign and it was easy to integrate into the campaign Web site, and -- more importantly -- it made it easy for the candidate to call in from anywhere to record a podcast. I see that Hipcast also handles video podcasts now, but haven't had an opportunity to try it out.

I also wondered if something along the lines of a simple, hosted, blogging platform like Posterous might be an easy way to upload audio & video and provide an RSS feed for it. From experience, I know that services like Posterous handle audio and video quite nicely.

Lastly, the fine folks over at pointed me to Libsyn some years ago -- I recall reading that it had some nice Web site integration features too.

All that to say: What are your recommendations? What are you using to built a audio & video podcast feed these days? Any and all link and experiences appreciated.


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