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Better Ballots announces Town Hall meetings across Toronto

Hats off to Dave Meslin and Rob Newman for organizing these events in Toronto this month:

Civic elections in Toronto are not meeting our expectations.

Turnout is surprisingly low. New faces on City Council are uncommon. Candidates can 'win' a seat with as low as 20% of the vote. And perhaps most importantly, our City Council does not reflect the evolving demographic of Toronto's diverse population. 

Should Toronto have municipal parties? Term limits? A lower voting age? Ranked ballots? Multi-member wards? Borough councils? Online voting? Finance reforms? 

Join us at the Better Ballots Town Hall meetings to learn about fourteen specific ideas that could make Toronto's elections more inclusive, diverse and fair. What are the possible benefits and concerns for each proposal? 

This is your chance to learn about options for election reform in Toronto and to join the discussion.


Facebook Events:
North York (April 13):
Scarborough (April 20) :
City Hall (April 26):
Etobicoke (April 27):

Let's raise our expectations, and work towards a voting system that meets them. 

I'll be out on April 26th. Won't you join me? 
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