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Vancouver event: Digital Innovation: New Tools for Engagement. March 5.

This just in from online strategy sage Jason Mogus of Communicopia:

Digital Innovation: New Tools for Engagement

Social Media is dramatically changing the way we build relationships, lead our organizations, and inspire social change. Coupled with new technologies is an increased demand from consumers and clients for accountability, access to information and transparent institutional conduct. This course will focus on how your organization can make the cultural shift required to capitalize on technology’s capacity for creating meaningful public participation and social change. You’ll leave this course with fresh perspectives and concrete ideas about how your organization can embrace technology to further your social mission.

You will learn:

  • how to use emerging digital tools to engage the individuals or groups that influence your organization
  • how digital tools can aid collaboration across your organization best practices from other organizations who have succeeded in using digital innovation to collaborate across silos, create authentic dialogue with the public, harvest new ideas, and better respond to a changing world
  • how to overcome barriers in order to foster a culture of openness and collaboration in your organization with regard to digital innovation
  • what human resource models are needed to support effective use of social media

Who should attend: This course is of interest to managers and leaders in the public and non profit sectors who want to better use social media to engage their constituents and further their social mission. Seating is limited to 40 participants.

Great opportunity for this in Vancouver to learn from an experienced leader in the field of social media and online campaigning.

The event is on March 5, 2010 and the cost to attend is $195. The registration site is here.


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