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Reading list: Death and life of journalism, news literacy, and more...

Some great reading this week on the future of journalism.

First, Melanie forwarded me this excellent article by Dean Miller on new literacy at the Christian Science Monitor. Fantastic read.

Then Bob McChesney sent me a _personal_ note (har har) about his new book:

My new book, The Death and Life of American Journalism, which I wrote with my friend John Nichols, has just been published this last week by Nation Books. I think it is the best and most important book we have written, and of the utmost importance. It provides a comprehensive and original explanation of the current crisis in journalism, a critique of the current favored "solutions" to the crisis, and an argument for strong public subsidies to create a viable, independent news media. It is based on years of research, but has been written to address the deep crisis of the immediate moment and visible future.

Per Bob's suggestion, you should be able to order it from a local bookstore (if there are any left in your town).

If you want a taste of what's in the book, see see this week's cover story in The Nation. (another great read).

If you buy the book, let me know if I can borrow it when I'm back in Canada!

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