Phillip Smith

Fishing for the real story about news innovation

Interviewing the venerable David Beers today, I was reminded about the power of stories.

David is the Founder / Editor of the award-winning daily news site The Tyee and we were speaking about the changing news environment. At times, David likes to make himself out to be a fish out of water (pun intended -- a "tyee" is a salmon): the "old fashioned" guy leading the news innovation pack. But it's clear to me that it is people like David -- these fish out of water -- that are learning to survive in this new environment.

If you want to hear David's stories about news innovation at The Tyee, you can find him (along with more than 200 other media innovators) at the "Journalism That Matters: Re-imagining News & Community in the Pacific Northwest" gathering in Seattle this week. You can be sure it won't be a firsherman's tale.


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