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Help stop greedy capitalism cold.

(Cross-posted from Phillip Smith's personal blog)

Okay, maybe stopping greedy capitalism cold is a bit ambitious. But I'm hoping you can spare some time this week to help one of the world's most recognized social justice publications (outside of the US!) reinvent itself online.

If you're reading this blog, you're probably one of the "smartest people in the room," as far as I'm concerned (cough) and New Internationalist needs all the (free) help it can get to save the world from greedy capitalists.

In pursuit of the Wisdom of Crowds, and similar bottom-up ideas that are redefining how people approach networks, events, campaigns and democracy, New Internationalist is opening the redesign process up to readers, supporters, enthusiasts and -- I hope -- smart people just like you.

I'll cut to the chase. The brave person leading the design -- CSS evangelist Andy Clarke -- is blogging the entire process and I'd be forever indebted if you could check out some of his recent posts and provide thoughtful and critical feedback.

The New Internationalist home page challenge, 23/05/09

Designing New Internationalist magazine pages, 24/05/09

Did a greedy capitalist steal that page? 25/05/09

(Cross-posted from Phillip Smith's personal blog)


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