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Taddle Creek magazine Web site review

A great little review of the Taddle Creek Web site that Conan and I produced over two and a half years ago. The site is a testament to Conan's always-crystal-clear vision, even though I did want to add in a search bar. Enjoy! 

"Wikipedia has declared that Taddle Creek magazine possesses "a robust on-line component." As a person who enjoys both the Internet and words that sound funny, I thought it would be interesting to examine what exactly makes Taddle Creek's website so robust.

One of the things contributing to Taddle Creek's mighty online brawn is its archive, in which hundreds of articles, stories, and poems are freely accessible. There are two viewing options: alphabetically by author, or chronologically by issue. One can even download mp3s of every piece of writing in the Summer 2008 issue. I encourage you to check out Paul Bellini as the Voice of Taddle Creek in "Proper Capitalization."

Taddle Creek's overall vigour is enhanced by its hilarious submission guidelines, which have an entire point devoted to making sure the magazine never receives another story "written from the point of view of a fetus." Slide shows, such as the one accompanying Conan Tobias's "Fake Authenticity," are a good example of sleek, thoughtful design.

Overall Taddle Creek's website is simple but thorough, with excellent back issue material. The site has a minimalist design concept, but there are sophisticated touches, like the slide shows. It could use a search bar, but apart from that, the site is easy to use, funny, and engaging. Well done, Taddle Creek. Well done."

Original review is here.


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