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Looking for F/OSS software to manage voter lists, and GOTV efforts

I have a friend up here in the Great White North who is in search of open-source software that would help with documenting voter intent and "get out the vote" (GOTV) efforts. Given that this friend is a CiviCRM consultant, I would guess that's already on the list (or off the list). Maybe you've seen something out there recently that is similar to what AdvoKit was trying to do? Ideally, the software:

  • Would handle at least 6 contacts with voters (doorstep, phone, etc).
  • Could be extended into some kind of virtual call centre that would allow individuals to do phoning according to a script.
  • Should also be able to produce walk-lists for GOTV efforts.

Wondering if any of you blog readers have recent experience with this type of software? If you might know what is being used by major campaigns? Or might know someone that worked on a campaign that I might be able to pop a note off to?

Feel free to leave a comment here, or to pop me a note directly at simplicity at communitybandwidth dot ca.

Many thanks in advance,



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