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Two more great events (one past, one future)

Still cleaning out my inbox from a couple weeks on the road (and a few hectic weeks in general!) and ran across these goodies...

The Social Entrepreneurship Summit that was held on Dec 3-4, 2007 at the Centre for Social Innovation and the MaRS Collaboration Centre has posted the event proceedings online. Sounds like they've received some good feedback on the event, and there's momentum to keep it moving forward.

I wasn't able to make the event personally -- had to bail at the last minute (sorry!) -- so it's great to be able to skim through the presentations and some of video and photos from the event.

They close off their event summary with these helpful pointers:

Several members involved in organizing the Summit met recently to highlight some opportunities for action coming out of the Summit. We would like to direct you to the following areas of interest:

Next up... the announcement for Copy Camp 2. The fearless team is back "after a long Winter watching the polar cap melt, and waiting for Copyright Reform." And have announced the date of April 29 and 30 for the next event in Toronto.

The talented Patrick Dinnen will take my spot on this year's CopyCamp organizing team.

The announcement continues:

The CopyCamp Team has been reviewing the input we had from you during and after CopyCamp in September 2006. We're making some changes, but sticking to the unconference mode, and expanding the role of the wiki.

We are open to new ideas, and looking forward to your contribution as participants and volunteers.

Meanwhile, we have put together a digest of the debates we had at CopyCamp. (Summary in French pending.) You can see it on the web site at

Stay tuned and be involved. More news soon!

The CopyCamp Team,



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