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Me, Avi Lewis, and the SPP

My partner Melanie and I are in Ottawa. It's getting late. And I'm still preparing for the workshop that I'm leading tomorrow with Meera Karunanathan from the Council of Canadians. (I know, I know: don't leave everything for the last minute!) The Council (along with the Canadian Labour Congress, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and others) have organized a teach-in that promises to be nothing less than historic.

Avi Lewis' iTunes share screenshot

Apparently I'm not the only one up late. My search for a little music to keep me company turned up no less than the personal music library of Avi Lewis. I feel like I'm in good company tonight.

Avi will kick-off tomorrow's Integrate This teach-in as moderator for "The Big Business of Insecurity," "Commandeering the Continent: Military Integration, Big Oil and the Environment," and "The Democratic Deficit: Parliament and the SPP." Judy Rebick takes over in the afternoon moderating the session "The North America We Really Want."

A who's who of the social-justice movement here in Canada, other names on the line-up include: Maude Barlow, Elizabeth May, and Maureen Webb.

I'm pretty excited to be here, and to have an opportunity to present some online campaigning strategies to activists from across the country. Heck, it'll even be a great opportunity to update my Flickr feed.


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