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CivicSpace Public Launch of Groundswell Professional

If you caught my earlier post about CivicSpace On Demand service -- a Web-based solution for content management, contact management, e-mail communication, and fundraising directed at progressive non-profits -- you may be interested in this note from David Geilhufe and the Civicspace team:

We are happy to announce the open public release of the CivicSpace On Demand service, offering a complete, integrated solution for your community website, online donations, blast email, and supporter database needs.

Based on your past interest in our services, we'd love it if you would be among our first customers to get Groundswell Professional, an integrated fundraising, email, website and database solution at $50 per month with your first 30 days free.

There was talk of a Canadian version of the service, hosted in Canada, but it seems that those conversations have stalled. Hopefully the fine folks at Civicspace will find a friendly Canadian partner soon! In the meantime, go check out what they're offering in Groundswell Professional.


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