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A Watershed moment (or company)

Looks like long-standing friend of Web of Change and post-President of Donor Digital has decided to change the face of online advocacy and fundraising (again!). Madeline Stanionis announced today that she's started a new company the remove the "talk. talk. talk" and "hype. hype. hype." from e-dvocacy. She's also signed up The Watershed Company to be the first sponsor of the 2007 Web of Change gathering. This is all very exciting! The announcement is below ... and, if you haven't read her book, you really should get a copy.

Announcing a new online relationship building company


When it comes to new media have you had enough? Enough...

Talk.Talk Talk. Hype. Hype. Hype.

Let’s face it. Everyone talks about the awesome promise and potential of the internet. Few have experienced it in any sustained way.

Sure, with a Tsunami and a Hurricane Katrina, billions were raised online by a few organizations.

And yes, the presidential candidates like Howard Dean and John Kerry and even George Bush also attracted millions upon millions - volunteers, activists, donors. Not to mention the bragging and blogging (largely unmeasured) that went on in the 2006 mid-term elections.

But, if you’re not the Red Cross or a popular presidential candidate, and you really have to show some online results, you’re probably asking, “What about the rest of us?”

Introducing WATERSHED ... A whole new company designed expressly to build, grow and sustain relationships with your constituents online. And, thoroughly integrated with your other channels like field organizing, education, direct mail, telephone, and donor services.

No, WATERSHED isn’t a software solutions company, even though we know what software solutions are likely to work best for you. And, no, WATERSHED isn’t some magic silver bullet that offers the latest in blady-da-blah blogging, or oh-so-cute video, although we know more about the latest and most effective technologies than those who so casually throw those terms around.

WHAT WATERHED IS ... We’re a consulting company made up of very experienced, successful folks who understand the power of the internet AND integrated fundraising and advocacy, and are, well, a little fed up with all the un-tested myths and nonsense that pass for “insight” and “expertise” in the online world.

Fortunately, we've done more than just shake our heads and complain. Instead, we've gathered the best and the brightest from online and offline marketing and organizing and pulled together a pretty kickass team.

And, we’ve put all the skills of these great virtuosos under the baton of Madeline Stanionis, one of the most experienced online fundraising, advocacy, and marketing experts in the country. From her stint as President and Creative Director at Donordigital, she brings a string of real successes from Amnesty International to CARE to Human Rights Campaign to NARAL Pro-Choice America, and dozens of groups across the alphabet. Not to mention her breakthrough book on online fundraising, The Mercifully Brief Real World Guide to Raising Thousands of Dollars with Email.

The result? Well, frankly, results.

Results from our specially tailored online fundraising, advocacy and donor loyalty campaigns, custom-designed for you. Watershed works with you to develop:

· Online strategies · Engaged online constituents · Advocacy campaigns · Comprehensive online fundraising · Cultivation, viral, and communication programs · Social networking know-how · Hands-on, day-to-day management · Results-oriented planning and evaluation

To better understand how we can help you be successful online, give us a call at (888) 516-8580 or send us an email at

One more thing: Yes, we’re hiring. If you like the idea of working with a smart, dedicated, creative, and fun team to help build the company you always wanted to work for, then send your resume and cover letter to


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