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Setting a course for 2007

Well, as a somewhat half-baked attempt to get something more recent into the "Announcements" section of this blog, I'm going to give provide a run-down of the last couple months here at Community Bandwidth, and then present a snapshot of what's to come in 2007.

September and October were back-to-back excitement and travel, as I managed to squeeze in five major events into a two week period, including An Event Apart in Seattle, then up to Hollyhock to help convene the annual Web of Change gathering. While there, I had the opportunity to host an incredible conversation on the realities of being a progressive online publisher (which I recorded for your listening pleasure). Next up was a powerful gathering of some of Canada's most innovative independent online media organizations -- including The Tyee and -- to discuss the possibility of building a "media consortium" similar to the one that's formed in the U.S. Last but not least, a short session on non-profit collaboration for the Sustainability Network and then head-first into three-days of Canada's most important copyright and creativity event to date. Can you say intense!? Phew.

Okay, so what's on deck for 2007? Well, after some serious thought about my ability to actually meet these commitments, here goes:

  • Brown Bag IT: Finally, I'm going to launch the free lunch-and-learn sessions on non-profit technology issues that I've been planning to do for the last year now. Sign-up for e-mail updates to get the first announcement.
  • Speaking of e-mail announcements: have you noticed that you haven't received any lately? Yah, well, that's going to change too.
  • Technology advice for Canadian non-profits: Tired of all the great advice for services that you can't sign-up for? Or about problems that you're not facing? Welcome to the reality of living north of a sector ten times larger that ours. So, just for Canadians: a series of articles on ground-level technology issues that are based on research of Canadian organizations.

What else might you see in 2007? More convening of important conversation, more resources that you can put to use right away, more fun-filled blog posts (and more regularly too) and -- of course -- less talk more rock. You heard it here first!


Hi, I'm Phillip Smith, a veteran digital publishing consultant, online advocacy specialist, and strategic convener. If you enjoyed reading this, find me on Twitter and I'll keep you updated.


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